Internet eXchange point of the Oresund Region

Welcome, ViaEuropa!

As of today, ViaEuropa (AS47155) is connected to IXOR at krossverksgatan.
Happy peering!

Welcome, Telecom3!

I’m happy to say that Telecom3 (AS28908) is as of tonight connected to IXOR at krossverksgatan.
Happy peering!

Support starving IXP’s!

Welcome, Flattr

Flattr AB (AS39287) is now connected and hungry for peers. Happy to have you, Flattr!

Hörskatten 3-5 up & running!

Our second switch is now up and running at Hörskatten 3-5 Taastrup, Denmark. We now have two locations on both side of the Öresund strait.

Welcome, COMX!

COMX (AS31661) is the second ISP to connect to IXOR at Sydvestvej 100, a warm welcome to our new member.

Welcome, IP-Vision!

IP-Vision (AS48564) is the first to connect to IXOR at Sydvestvej 100,
PEER away!

Welcome, IP-Only!

IP-Only (AS12552) is as of today connected to IXOR at VG4.
Glad they could join us!

Sydvestvej 100 up & running!

The IXOR switch at Sydvestvej 100 in Glostrup, Denmark is as of today open for connecting customers. We are now the very first IXP operating on both sides of the Öresund strait, making traffic exchange between Swedish and Danish ISP’s more available than ever before. A big goal has been reached!

Problem with contact form

When moving our website from one server to another, we discovered that the contact form has not been functioning for some time. If you have used it and haven’t gotten a reply yet, please contact us again. We apologize for the inconvenience.