Connection Points

You can connect to IXOR at any of the current connection points:

  • Västergatan 4, Malmö, Sweden (VG4)
  • Krossverksgatan 13, Malmö, Sweden (KVG)
  • Sydvestvej 100, København, Denmark (SVV)

All connections are made in the form of 1 Gbps ethernet over either single-mode fiber (VG4, KVG ) or copper (SVV).

Connection Agreement

All members are required to accept and sign the filled-out Connection Agreement (PDF) before a connection to IXOR is made.

Connection Fees

There is no start up fee to connect to IXOR. Connections are monitored for input and output counters once every five minutes, and a 95% interval applied. The yearly connection fee is then established according to the table.

Bandwidth interval (95%) Yearly fee
Up to 1 Gbps 0 SEK
 10 Gbps  0 SEK


IXOR is made possible by the hard work of a number of volunteers and the support of the below mentioned companies, who have devoted time, money or equipment to the project.


IXOR relies heavily on sponsorship and donations from generous people and companies. If you want to help us keep the IXP running, you can donate money below.